By Jimmy Traina
October 04, 2013

While You Were Watching MLB Playoffs And The NFL...

Mike Davis :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images Mike Davis :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Who knew last night's Texas-Iowa State game would be the one that gives us the most material? First, we had Longhorns receiver Mike Davis unleash one of the dirtiest and filthiest cheap shots you'll ever see.

Then we had the refs blow a late call, which cost the Cyclones the game, and led to head coach Paul Rhoads giving one of the more intense press conferences you'll ever see. Even coach Eric Taylor would be impressed by that speech.

It's Miley's World Right Now

Hulk Hogan is the latest person to spoof Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video. And here's Michael Jordan "watching" Miley Cyrus' 23 video in which she sports M.J.'s jersey.

Best Parents Ever

Check out the note one young Pirates fan gave to his teacher today.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ashley Sky Ashley Sky

I can't think of a better way to start the weekend than with some Ashley Sky. ... Ukrainian model Tetyana Veryovkina might be the best looking Ukrainian model of all time. ...  Victoria's Secret's Lily Aldridge just did some new work for the company.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Delusional Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball and the lawsuit is glorious.

Sports Video Of The Day

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, we told you about Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar pulling off an Fresh Prince-DJ Jazzy Jeff handshake. Later that day, Woods' girlfriend, Lindsay Vonn, irritated Woods by putting squirrel on his back. (Thanks to Kellen B., for the video.)

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Here is the newest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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