By Michael Blinn
October 05, 2013

A bathroom mishap has made Joel Ward the butt of his teammates' jokes. (Elsa/Getty Images) A bathroom mishap has made Joel Ward the butt of his Washington Capitals teammates' jokes. (Elsa/Getty Images)

R. Kelly's rap opera "Trapped in the Closet" is more than 91 minutes of pure joy, filled with sex, lies, and drama. Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward lived a less contentious, more hilarious 44-minute version this morning that could easily be titled "Trapped in the Bathroom."

With the Caps set to play the Stars in Dallas tonight, Ward finished having breakfast with the team at the Omni Hotel, and headed to the restroom -- and then found himself unable to leave. The latch was stripped, and the door was too tall to slide under or hop over.

Safe to say, Ward was knee-deep in a crappy situation.

"I tried to come out and I flipped the switch a little bit but it wasn’t really coming undone," Ward told the Washington Post. "I’m in panic mode because I realized the door wasn’t going to open on me. I texted Karl [Alzner] to see if he was still around."

His teammates, being the forward-thinkers they are, took to Twitter to offer Ward encouragement, ideas, and naturally, to document the rescue efforts:

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