By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 08, 2013

Lebron James Justin Jay/Getty Images

If you ever saw LeBron James' "Chosen 1" and "Witness" tattoos, or the butterfly crown on Kobe Bryant's right arm and thought, "Damn, those are legit -- I really wish it were possible for me to wear designs like that on a t-shirt," well...get ready to celebrate.

Forbes caught up with Matt Siegler, an enterprising fellow who reached out to the tattoo artists responsible for inking up LeBron, Kobe, Chris Bosh, Kenyon Martin, Ray Rice, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, and Michael Beasley and bought up the rights to the imagery:

“From research and speaking with copyright-focused attorneys, I learned that the tattoo artists most likely owned the rights to these works of art,” explained Siegler to FORBES.  ”I thought I had reached a roadblock in my venture, until I decided to seek out partnerships with the tattoo artists to gain exclusive permission to use the artwork they created.  After thousands of hours of research, cold-calling, and contract execution, I’ve reached agreements with over six tattoo artists.”

Siegler plans to manufacture "clothing, apparel, and other merchandise," because nothing captures the deeply personal nature of tattoos like commodifying them entirely.


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