By Ben Sin
October 08, 2013


A Yale study in "Athlete Endorsements in Food Marketing" released earlier today has concluded that LeBron James, Peyton Manning, and other star athletes have had a negative affect on America's kids by marketing fast food.

The study looked at 62 food products advertised by athletes, of which 79 percent were considered "energy-dense and nutrient-poor," and nearly 94 percent of the 46 athlete-sponsored drinks "had 100 percent of calories from added sugar."

LeBron, as in all things, was number one in this study, since his endorsements include McDonalds and Coca Cola. Though McDonalds has been making an effort to go healthy, the stigma of Mickey Ds is hard to shake. Manning comes in second on the list, having made 10 million a year from deals with Papa John’s Pizza and Gatorade. Serena Williams and Chris Paul comes in third and fourth.

Two NBA stars in the top four isn't a surprise, and the research confirmed that the NBA had the most fast food-endorsing athletes of any American sports leagues.



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