By Jimmy Traina
October 08, 2013

He Liked His Spinach

Ricky Williams :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images Ricky Williams :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In a new interview, former NFL running back Ricky Williams says smoking pot for him was the equivalent of Popeye eating spinach.

Get Your Head In The Gutter has compiled the most accidentally sexual sports announcer calls.


The New York Daily News had a very familiar reaction to quarterback Geno Smith leading the Jets to victory last night.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kat Kelley :: Kat Kelley ::

MMA ring girl Kat Kelley gets today's LLOD honors.

Not So Fast

Since we'll always love Olivia Wilde for her superb performance on The O.C., we'd like someone to inform her that the Redskins have NOT changed their name.

Everyone Loves Freebies

In honor of the Redskins visiting the Cowboys this Sunday, a Washington bar is offering free shots for every Tony Romo interception.

Base Jumping Video Of The Day

These videos give me a panic attack, but I can't stop watching them. (Thanks to Spencer, of Murray, Utah, for the video.)

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day

Via comes this video of people playing ping pong with knives.

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