By Brett Smiley
October 09, 2013

The Denver Broncos have officially become the biggest favorite ever in an NFL game with an opening line of 28 (now hovering at about 27.5 depending where you look) for their Week 6 home "contest" against the lowly miserable hopeless Jacksonville Jaguars. We wanted to see how this record-breaking lopsidedness would translate to a fantasy football matchup between squads comprised solely of the two team's starters.

Here it is (click image for slightly bigger version):


That's 134.71 for the ponies and 72.97 for the Jaguars, whose defense is projected at a comical minus 1.64. Denver is averaging an astonishing 46 points per game through five weeks, compared with the equally staggering 10.2 for Jacksonville. Still, Yahoo! gives this Jaguars team a 9% shot at scoring more points in some parallel fantasy universe.

The projection also suggest a green light for Jaguars wideouts Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts, who ought to rack up catches and yards in garbage time, which may begin as early as the second quarter.

Peyton's projected 24.83 feels a bit muted, considering his 31.4 weekly average under these settings. Perhaps the downtick accounts for the lack of competition and possibly an early exit for the quarterback, depending on whether John Fox wants to decimate, dominate, or crap on the winless Jags.


Adding insult to projected injury, here's the draft report card for Team Jaguars, as generated by Yahoo!.

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