By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 09, 2013


One of the more tiresome debates in sports occurs when various pundits or former players chime in about the sissification of youth football amidst everything else we're learning about the long-term health effects of the game. But this story about recess balls and game embargoes at Port Washington, NY's Weber Middle School makes these traditionalists seem like they have a point.

CBS NY reports:

[Students] were just informed that during recess, football is out and Nerf ball is in. Hard soccer balls have been banned, along with baseballs and lacrosse balls, rough games of tag, or cartwheels unless supervised by a coach.

One student interviewed in the news clip up top lamented that the disallowed activities are "all we want to do -- we're sitting behind a desk all day." He, uh, might be in for a rude awakening the day he starts that first internship.


CBS NY Jezebel

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