By Jimmy Traina
October 09, 2013

No Fun League

Brandon Marshall :: Tom Dahlin/Getty Images Brandon Marshall :: Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wanted to wear green cleats tomorrow night in honor of Mental Health Awareness. The NFL, of course, said no. If Marshall ignores the ruling, he will be fined. Marshall has said he will pay the fine and match it with a donation to the charity.

Jaguars-Broncos Props

You know that Denver is favored by 28 points over Jacksonville this Sunday, the biggest spread in NFL history. Here are some wacky prop bets for the game being offered by

* Will the Broncos score 50 or more points Week 6 vs. the Jaguars?

Yes: +150

No: -200

* If Peyton Manning is pulled from the game and replaced Week 6 vs. the Jaguars at what point will it be?

Before 7:30 seconds of 3rd Quarter: +200

After 7:30 seconds of 3rd Quarter: -300

* Will the Jaguars ever lead in the game Week 6 vs. the Broncos?

Yes: +250

No: -400

* Will the Broncos score a Defensive TD Week 6 vs. the Jaguars?

Yes: +200

No: -300

* Broncos total punts in the game Week 6 vs. the Jaguars?

Over/Under: 1.5

* Who will win by a higher margin? (Note: Denver is currently a 27 point favorite and Alabama is currently a 27.5 point favorite)

Denver Week 6 vs. Jacksonville: EVEN

Alabama October 12th vs. Kentucky: -140

I Didn't Write This

Yes, I have written about my issues with the Braves acting like baseball's fun police, but this fine piece of work was all SportsPickle.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model and boxing ring girl, Jen Mateo, gets today's LLOD honors.

WAG News

Boxer Wladimir Klitschko and actress Hayden Panettiere are engaged.

TV Items

Jeffrey Katzenberg offered $75 million to get three more episodes of Breaking Bad, which he planned to air online for six minutes a day for 30 days. On the sitcom end of the spectrum, here are 20 facts about the 20 best episodes of Seinfeld, according to IMDB.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Local news is all fun and games until someone eats something vile.

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