By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 09, 2013


Benny Marr is a daredevil kayaker from British Columbia. The clip above showcases his willingness to tackle (presumably) previously uncharted territory, namely a drainage ditch that leads into Lion's Bay, at a clip of 34 miles per hour. The real action commences around the 37-second mark and the balance and poise exhibited is truly a sight to behold.

Marr maintains a Facebook page that highlights his exploits and press coverage and provides occasional glimpses into how his mind operates. For example, he recently took the plunge and purchased a big ticket item:

Too many times in life you just don't go for it. Today I looked into the future and thought damn Benny, do you want to go to sleep knowing you were just another chump too scared to buy the big pumpkin, or do you want to end this day as the dude who bought the big one. Well I bought that pumpkin, and it feels good! (its a gift, I have no where to put this thing, hope they like it!)

#bakedgoodsfordays — in Hinton, Alberta, Canada.

ben marr Facebook/Benny Marr


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