By Ben Sin
October 10, 2013


Though Nintendo has fallen behind Sony and Microsoft in the console wars in America, their Super Mario Brothers franchise remains perhaps the most iconic video game of all time, spawning tributes and parodies regularly over the past three decades.

While Jen Lewis over at Buzzfeed has taken Leslie Knope, the protagonist from Parks and Recreation, and inserted her into the Super Mario Brothers in a wonderfully made parody, gaming website IGN has unveiled a full-on interactive Mario museum, taking gamers on a trip down memory lane through three decades of Mario games, covering every version of Mario, from 8 to 16 bit, 2D to 3D, handhelds to consoles.


As the release of the latest Mario game, Super Mario 3D World, nears (November 22), expect more tributes to pop up.

Here's a trailer to Super Mario 3D World, for the Nintendo Wii U.

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