By Ben Sin
October 11, 2013

Doc Rivers has gone on record to declare DeAndre Jordan, along with superstars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the "new big three".

Well, if Jimmy Kimmel is to be believed, the new big three will need to do some work to develop chemistry. The late night talk show host was on Los Angeles rock station KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show this morning, mostly to talk about his infamous "feud" and "make-up" with Kanye West.

West was a guest on Kimmel's show earlier this week (after a much publicized Twitter feud), and at one point delivered an 8 minute, uninterrupted rant.

Kimmel was asked by the radio hosts how it felt to let an interviewee take over the show to such a degree, to which Kimmel responded: "Well, it was okay because I felt whatever Kanye had to say was more interesting than what I had to say. One thing [we talk shot hosts know] is not to interrupt someone when they have a good flow. Now, the Clippers, I had them on my show last night, they had no flow, no chemistry."

widespread rumors of ill feelings between Chris Paul and the Jordan/Blake duo

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