By Jimmy Traina
October 11, 2013


Justin Verlander :: Ezra Shaw Justin Verlander :: Ezra Shaw

Even some Kate Upton taunting from the Oakland crowd couldn't stop Justin Verlander last night. Detroit's ace tossed eight innings of two-hit shutout ball while striking out 10 batters. For the series, he tallied 15 scoreless innings while allowing six hits and striking out 21. As revealed on Wikipedia, Verlander owns the A's. As for the Tigers' celebration, they went with a traditional Samoan dance before having a Victor Martinez's very young son spray champagne on them.


Heat forward Michael Beasley injured himself last night after punching himself in the head.

Fun Fact Of The Day

Mavericks forward Renaldo Balkman has tattoos on each of his eyelids.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Nina Agdal :: SI Nina Agdal :: SI

SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal recently took the streets of New York City to quiz people about the NBA. ...  Another day, another Brazilian model. Today, it's Rayla Jacunda. ... Elena Santarelli is a TV host in Italy and a heck of a model.

It's All So Obvious

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin likes to say the word "obviously."

The Fallout

As we told you in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, Sharks center Joe Thornton unleashed one of the best and most graphic quotes you'll ever hear from an athlete when he said he would do something dirty if he ever scored four goals in a game. A few notes on that quote. One, it actually wasn't supposed to be made public. Two, Thornton said he was okay with the quote getting out. Three, hopefully the Sharks arena DJ listens to the advice of Ducks forward Dustin Penner.

Hungry Animals Video Of The Day

Via Uproxx comes four minutes of animals stealing food.

Jimmy Video Of The Day

Here is the newest installment of This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.

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