By Sam Page
October 11, 2013


Here's the Facebook post that accompanied the shirtless photo above:


The full terms of the bet included the loser wearing the opposing team ring to the sports bar next Sunday, along with a crop-top to show it off. Luckily for the guy on the left, Nick, the Giants covered that 10-point spread with the final touchdown of the game from Brandon Jacobs. Not that he wasn't nervous -- the bet was made in July, back when Giants fans still had hope for their season and could be suckered into such outrageous wagers (the spread was added after New York's horrible start).

Nick recalls the scene:

That first pick 6 had everyone ragging on me and showing the ring off to everyone in the bar. Thankfully, the Giants kept it close enough. And when Eli inevitably threw the pick we knew was coming at the end, it was deep enough in Bears' territory and late enough in the game that I was able to keep my belly button intact.

The two of them are out of town for the next couple weeks, so the grand unveiling of the belly button will likely be Week 9 or 10. We'll keep you posted, not that anyone really wants to see the proof of this one.

The bigger question, though, is where this bet ranks among the all-time worst sports wager punishments:

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