By Sam Page
October 14, 2013

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The newest weird internet meme is "Drake Hands," based off this unintentionally creepy video, in which some guy touches his face while listening to Drake and leering at the camera. And for whatever reason, it seems to be a big hit among inactive quarterbacks.

Mark Sanchez posted one in which he looks away from the camera -- defeating the whole purpose -- and then includes some slides at the end, in case you didn't get the reference:

Then Terry Bradshaw did his take, a parody which is truly flawless and will haunt your nightmares:

And finally comes Boomer Esiason's, which seems more like a parody of Mark Sanchez's, a sure sign the meme has run its course.

So there's one more thing at which Sanchez is worse than Esiason and Bradshaw.


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