By Ben Sin
October 14, 2013

So, remember in Iron Man 2 when the U.S. Government tried to force Tony Stark to hand over his Iron Man suit for the army's usage? Well the real life US Army has decided to forgo waiting for a Stark-type character build one for them and plans to create one of their own.

The Special Operations Command has partnered with the tech industry and universities across the nation to design a steel suit to be worn by soldiers in the field.

Dubbed TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), the suit will be made of liquid-ceramic material, put together by nanotechnology. Norman Wagner, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Delaware who's helping design the suit, explained to NPR several years back that liquid-ceramic material is usually soft, but when hit by a hard object (say, a bullet), it immediately hardens.

In full Tony Stark fashion, the suit will monitor a soldier's heart rate and provide all sorts of enhanced vision. No word yet if it'll come with its own sarcastic electronic butler.



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