By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 15, 2013


Meet Norman, a talented French sheepdog who excels in the sport of riding scooters. Back in July, the three-year old marvel traveled 100 feet in about 21 seconds at a charity event in Georgia.

How did his owners initially realize they had a prodigy on their hands?

"The breed is a little skittish so you want to introduce them to strange objects," Norman's guardian Karen Cobb said. "We just had him on the kids' toys in the backyard, and one of them was a scooter. He loved it and he wouldn't get off."

Not one to shy away from fame, Norman journeyed to New York to film the Today show on Friday where he would be officially presented with his Guinness World Record and wowed the masses on another ride.

And suddenly George the Dog became a little less cool.



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