By Brett Smiley
October 17, 2013


During Fox's broadcast of Game 5 of the ALCS, an exquisitely-bearded producer delivered a sheet cake to the booth to honor Tim McCarver's 72nd birthday, an event that would hardly be worth posting about if it weren't so tremendously awkward.

Poor Joe Buck is so shy about singing solo, he cuts off "Happy Birthday" before even finishing the second line. But that isn't the best part:  that producer cannot muster a smile. It's a festive occasion!

Chris tries, though, he really does.


But quickly it becomes apparent why Chris is so distressed -- because while McCarver and Buck wax about their 18-year partnership, the damn box (a cardboard box, can you believe it!?) Chris is holding is about to burst into flames, set the booth on fire, and maybe blow up Comerica Park. So when McCarver stops blowing out the candles to admire the cardboard construction (!!!) Chris wisely takes matters into this own hands and extinguishes the flames himself.

Later, after Chris marches off with the cardboard box, Buck and McCarver execute this awkward high five celebrating the outgoing analyst's milestone.


Buck's face clearly says "Yeah, I nailed it."

Producer Chris remains... unimpressed.

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