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67% of Australians Want Alcohol Ads Banned from Sports. Could It Work in the U.S.?

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If they were not already a familiar part of our lives, sports sponsorships would seem very peculiar. Aren't fast food and beer detrimental to excelling in athletics? Apparently one country has already made that realization, as more than two-thirds of Australians polled want alcohol advertising banned in sports.

If Australia's culture at games is anything like what it is here, it's not particularly difficult to see why. It seems not a week goes by during the NFL season in which there isn't a brawl in the stands or parking lot, and it's a fair assumption that a vast majority of these tussles involve liquid courage. At this point, fans accept exposure to drunkards as another cost of game attendance.

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While staying at home may shield you from others' alcohol abuse, however, you'll still be inundated with beer ads and there's a solid chance you'll be drinking a beer while that happens:

Now go grab your geographically-determined major lite beer and drink up!


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