By Mike Bebernes
October 26, 2013


Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

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Pregame Reads

  • Where is the game of football headed? MMQB's Jenny Vrentas takes a realistic look ten years down the road.
  • Jim Cavan of The Classical has a wake-up call for fans who vilify NBA players who chase the biggest paycheck in free agency.
  • The fate of the World Cup may fall on the decision of Diego Costa, who could play for either Spain or Brazil, by Colin Mcgowan of Sports on Earth.


World Series Red Sox vs. Cardinals, 7:30p.m. Saturday & 8:00p.m. Sunday (Fox)

The Sox appeared to be in the driver's seat on the road to another championship. That was until Cardinals rookie pitcher Michael Wacha shut them down. Get ready to hear a lot of this if he ends up getting another win late in the series.


NFL (Coverage Map)

Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions, 1:00p.m. (Fox)

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 1:00p.m. (Fox)

San Francisco 49ers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1:00p.m. (Fox)

Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 1:00p.m. (CBS)

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots, 1:00p.m. (CBS)

Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints, 1:00p.m. (CBS)

New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengels, 4:05p.m. (CBS)

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders, 4:05p.m. (CBS)

Washington Redskins vs. Denver Broncos, 4:25p.m. (Fox)

Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals, 4:25p.m. (Fox)

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, 8:30p.m. (Fox)

Aaron Rodgers will likely be without three of his top four receiving options, yet there's still little doubt that the Pack will be able to handle the Vikings. And just to make Minnesota fans feel better, now there are rumors of an Adrian Peterson trade floating around. Yay!

NCAA Football (Blue Indicates Top 25 Team)

Cowardly Copout of the Week: Furman vs. #13 LSU, 7:00p.m. (ESPN3)

The Tigers are one of the worst offenders in the scheduling of laughable non-conference opponents. In the past three seasons, they have played Kent State, North Texas, Towson, Northwestern State, and Western Kentucky. Furman is called the Paladin, which we're all going to tell ourselves is a nod to World of Warcraft. Spread = LSU minus 47.

Wake Forest vs. #12 Miami (FL), 12:00p.m. (ESPNU)

#20 Louisville vs. South Florida, 12:00p.m. (ESPN2)

Connecticut vs. #23 UCF, 12:00p.m. (ESPN3)

#24 Nebraska vs. Minnesota, 12:00p.m. (ESPN)

Houston vs. Rutgers, 12:00p.m. (ESPNEWS)

Ball State vs. Akron, 12:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Northwestern vs. Iowa, 12:00p.m. (BTN)

Vanderbilt vs. #16 Texas A&M, 12:21p.m. (ESPN3)

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia, 12:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Pittsburg vs. Navy, 1:00p.m. (CBS Sports)

Miami (OH) vs. Ohio, 2:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Toledo vs. Bowling Green, 2:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Western Michigan vs. Massachusetts, 3:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Temple vs. Southern Methodist, 3:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Tennessee vs. #! Alabama, 3:30p.m. (CBS)

North Carolina State vs. #2 Florida State, 3:30p.m. (ABC or ESPN2)

#9 Clemson vs. Maryland, 3:30p.m. (ESPN)

#10 Texas Tech vs. #15 Oklahoma, 3:30p.m. (Fox)

Duke vs. #14 Virginia Tech, 3:30p.m. (Fox)

Eastern Michigan vs. #18 Northern Illinois, 3:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Boston College vs. North Carolina, 3:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Michigan State vs. Illinois, 3:30p.m. (ESPN2 or ABC)

Buffalo vs. Kent State, 3:30p.m. (ESPN3)

West Virginia vs. Kansas State, 3:45p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Utah vs. USC, 4:00p.m. (Pac 12 Network)

Troy vs. Western Kentucky, 4:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Notre Dame vs. Air force, 5:00p.m. (CBS Sports)

UNLV vs. Nevada, 6:05p.m. (ESPN3)

#12 UCLA vs. #3 Oregon, 7:00p.m. (ESPN)

#21 South Carolina vs. #5 Missouri, 7:00p.m. (ESPN2)

#8 Baylor vs. Kansas, 7:00p.m. (ESPNU)

South Alabama vs. Texas State, 7:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Georgia State vs. Louisiana-Monroe, 7:00p.m. (ESPN3)

Florida Atlantic vs. #11 Auburn, 7:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Idaho vs. Ole Miss, 7:30p.m. (ESPN3)

Texas vs. TCU, 7:30p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Penn State vs. #4 Ohio State, 8:00p.m. (ABC)

Arizona vs. Colorado, 8:00p.m. (Pac 12 Network)

Abilene Christian v.s New Mexico State, 8:00p.m. (ESPN3)

#6 Stanford vs. #25 Oregon State, 10:30p.m. (ESPN)

#17 Fresno State vs. San Diego State, 10:30p.m. (ESPN2)

Alabama A&M vs. Alabama State, 10:30p.m. (ESPNU)

California vs. Washington, 11:00p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Canadian Football

Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 1:00p.m. Saturday (ESPN3)

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Calgary Stampeders, 7:00p.m. Saturday (ESPN3)



Edmonton vs. Phoenix, 3:00p.m.

New Jersey vs. Boston, 7:00p.m.

Pittsburgh vs. Toronto, 7:00p.m.

San Jose vs. Montreal, 7:00p.m.

NY Rangers vs. Detroit, 7:00p.m.

Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay, 7:00p.m.

Philadelphia vs. NY Islanders, 7:00p.m.

Winnipeg vs. Dallas, 7:00p.m.

Minnesota vs. Chicago, 8:00p.m.

St. Louis vs. Nashville, 8:00p.m.

Washington vs. Calgary, 10:00p.m.


San Jose vs. Ottawa, 5:00p.m.

Tampa Bay vs. Florida, 5:00p.m.

Anaheim vs. Columbus, 6:00p.m.

Winnipeg vs. Colorado, 8:00p.m.

Edmonton vs. Los Angeles, 9:00p.m.



Sporting KC vs. Philadelphia, 3:00p.m. (NBC Sports)

Montreal vs. Toronto, 4:00p.m. (Univision Deportes)

FC Dallas vs. San Jose, 5:30p.m. (NBC Sports & Live Extra)

Portland vs. Chivas USA, 10:30p.m.


Houston vs. DC United, 1:30p.m. (NBC & Live Extra)

New England vs. Columbus, 4:00p.m.

Chicago vs. New York, 5:00p.m. (UniMas)

Someone turned Thierry Henry's greatest moments in New York into a flip book and the result is awesome.

Colorado vs. Vancouver, 8:00p.m.

LA Galaxy vs. Seattle, 9:00p.m. (ESPN)

English Premier League


Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal, 7:00a.m. (NBC Sports & Live Extra)

Manchester United vs. Stoke City, 9:45a.m. (NBC & Live Extra)

Aston Villa vs. Everton, 10:00a.m. (Live Extra)

Liverpool vs. West Brom, 10:00a.m. (Live Extra)

Norwich City v.s Cardiff City, 10:00a.m. (Live Extra)

Southampton vs. Fulham, 12:30p.m. (NBC Sports & Live Extra)


Chelsea vs. Manchester City, 11:30a.m. 11:30a.m. (NBC Sports & Live Extra)

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Hull City, 12:00p.m. (Live Extra)

Swansea vs. West Ham United, 12:00p.m. (Live Extra)



NCAA Men's: North Carolina vs. Pittsburgh, 7:00p.m. (ESPN3)


Brazil League: Corinthians vs. Santos, 4:00p.m. (ESPN3)

NCAA Women's: Notre Dame vs. Clemson, 1:00pm. (ESPN3)

NCAA Women's: Pittsburgh vs. Duke, 1:00p.m. (ESPN3)

NCAA Women's: Alabama vs. Mississippi, 2:00p.m. (ESPN3)

NCAA Women's: Georgia vs. Arkansas, 2:00p.m. (ESPN3)

NCAA Women's: Texas A&M vs. Florida, 3:00p.m. (ESPNU)


World Series of Fighting 6, 9:00p.m. Saturday (NBC Sports & Live Extra)

Boxing: Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat, 9:00p.m. Saturday (Showtime)



Valencia open 500 Semifinals, 10:00a.m. & 2:00p.m. (ESPN3)


Swiss Indoors Basel: Championship, 9:30a.m. (ESPN3)

USTA Collegiate Clay Court Invitational, 10:00a.m. (ESPN3)

Valencia Open: Championship, 11:00a.m. (ESPN3)

Teb BNP Paribas WTA: Championship, 11:00a.m. (ESPN3) Reair (5:00p.m. (ESPN2)


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Martinsville, 1:30p.m. Sunday (ESPN)

NHRA Toyota Nationals, 8:00p.m. Sunday (ESPN2)

Olympic Sports

U.S. Open of Handball, 12:00p.m. Saturday & 11:00a.m. Sunday (ESPN3)

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, 4:00p.m. Saturday (NBC & Live Extra)

NCAA Women's Volleyball: Louisville vs. Connecticut, 1:00p.m. Sunday (ESPNU)


CIMB Classic, 10:30p.m. Saturday (Golf & Live Extra)


Eastbound & Down, 10:00p.m. Sunday (HBO)

I pity the poor person at HBO who has to try to find 30 seconds of safe-for-work material to cut into a trailer for this show each week. A Kenny Powers sentence without a curse word in it is a needle in a haystack.



Monta Ellis, Dallas Mavericks Guard, 28

Andrea Bargnani, New York Knicks Forward, 28

Nicola Adams, Olympic Gold Medal Boxer, 31

Antonio Pierce, Former NFL Linebacker, 35

CM Punk, WWE Superstar, 35

Miika Kiprusoff, Former NHL Goalie, 37

Audley Harrison, Professional Boxer, 42


Stephan El Shaarawy, AC Milan Striker, 21

Evan Turner, Philadelphia 76ers Guard, 25

Andrew Bynum, Cleveland Cavaliers Center, 26

Lou Williams, Atlanta Hawks Guard, 27

Brady Quinn, St. Louis Rams Quarterback, 29

Rick Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks Head Coach, 54

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