By Brett Smiley
November 05, 2013

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, there's at least 15 NFL players who ought to be extremely honored to have had their trademarked celebrations ripped off by another team. In the rundown below, you'll see a couple imitations as tributes, but mostly it's just players flipping an elaborate bird through the art of celebratory dances. Disrespect clearly intended.


Ryan Fitzpatrick rushes for a touchdown (!!), then imitates Cam Newton’s Superman move.

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Believe it or not, that's one of only two rushing touchdowns the Chiefs have allowed this season.em-linebreak_cut_v1

J.J. Watt not only fits himself with a title belt, a la Aaron Rodgers, but has the audacity to throw it before his salute.

That was about midway through the first quarter. In the ensuing 52 minutes, Rodgers completed 24 of 37 passes for 338 yards and six touchdowns. Safe to say -- Rodgers' comeback was better. 

Suh did it too:


DeSean Jackson offers a few steps of Victor Cruz's salsa dance, before dismissing it with a kick.

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Jackson has certainly done worse things to the Giants.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Jets TE Jeff Cumberland dabbles in some Dirty Bird in Atlanta.

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Clyde Gates (#19) steals the show with his perhaps-unintentional jump rope routine, which no receiver has yet claimed as his own.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Kyle Rudolph Lambeau leaps in Green Bay (at 0:19 mark).


It would have been a bolder move if he didn't jump into the arms of Vikings fans, but Rudolph still gets points for audacity.


Patriots fly like Jets in a 45-3 blowout in Foxboro.

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Devin McCourty cruises at an altitude of about five feet after intercepting Mark Sanchez.

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James Sanders circles for a landing after another Sanchez pick.em-linebreak_cut_v1

T.O.'s pretty respectable imitation of Ray Lewis's squirrel dance freak-down

[youtube alt="em-linebreak_cut_v1" src="/sites/default/files/2013/10/em-linebreak_cut_v1.jpeg" width="600" height="60" />

Ellis Hobbs (and Rodney Harrison) mock Shawne Merriman's "lights out" electro-pump after defeating San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium; Tomlinson takes offense.

It's a been a while since Merriman sported the bolt, so let us remind you:

Truth is, we weren't able to find video for Hobbs's ripoff (if you have it, please send to, but here's an enraged Tomlinson after witnessing the demonstration on his home field:


Stevie Johnson shoots himself in the leg.

Just like Plaxico -- albeit Burress's was more felony than celebration. Notice Johnson doesn't stop with the Plaxico jab. He then spreads wings like a jet, and caps it off with what I suppose is a stop-drop-and-roll...because he's on fire? Someone had to take the torch from Ochocinco.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Linebacker Stephen Tulloch (and other Lions) Tebow.

In the only literal use of "trademarked" in this article, the prayer pose is Tebow's trademarked move.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Robert Quinn kisses his biceps after sacking the 49ers quarterback.

With guns like that, you can't blame the guy for showing off on national TV.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Von Miller performs  target="_blank">Billy "White Shoes" Johnson's funky chicken.

It's a tribute, not a mockery, but let's make clear that the first-of-his-kind return man/dancing dynamo Johnson has no equal:


During the big tight end's six week absence, teammate Julian Edelman borrows Gronk's spike.

via lolpats via lolpats

Nice homage to the ailing Gronk, but with only 58% the force. Compare:


Before Tomlinson joined Gang Green, Shonn Greene flipped the ball LDT-style.

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So, they're both little teapots.em-linebreak_cut_v1

Bonus: Check out Maurice Jones-Drew, during a game at Cleveland, replicating LeBron James's chalk toss ritual.

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