By Andy Gray
November 05, 2013

Hot Clicks Q&A: David Ortiz

David Ortiz :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI David Ortiz :: Damian Strohmeyer/SI

David Ortiz, who appears on this week's SI Cover, was in the office today and I was able to get a few minutes with him to discuss Jake Peavy dropping $75,000 on a duck boat, Mike Napoli's shirtless escapades and his unique bond with closer Koji Uehara.

Important Terrell Owens Bowling Update

T.O. nailed a strike during his first ever shot as a member of the Professional Bowling Association.

No New York, No New York, No

Knicks owner James Dolan has ordered the Knicks City Dancers to do less dancing during games.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Devin Brugman runs the "A bikini a day" website (thanks to David from Syracuse for the tip) ... Stacy Keibler looked spectacular at the 17th Annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards ... Former SI Swimsuit model Michelle Vawer knows how to rock a bikini.

Bet of a Lifetime

A 49ers fan is betting his life savings of $65,430 for a two team parlay on the Bengals -1 over the Ravens and San Francisco to cover the the 6-point spread against Carolina.

Whatever Happened to Predictability? The Milk Man, The Paper Boy, Evening TV

I enjoyed these NFL Power Rankings where teams are compared to '80s and '90s TV shows. And now that I have the Full House theme stuck in your head, target="_blank">here's John Stamos performing it on target="_blank">Jimmy Fallon (song is toward end of video).

Photo Gallery of the Day

In Aug. 1978, SI's John Papanek spent a few days with Bill Walton for a magazine cover story. Papanek, who is teaming up with Walton on a new book, also brought his camera and took these shots of the NBA's biggest Deadhead on a camping trip with friends. Walton turns 61 today.

Trend Watch: Goggles in Tanning Booth

Try making sense of this one.

Odds and Ends

Count Shaquille O'Neal among the fans of Jay Pharoah's Shaquille O'Neal impersonation ... Tiger Woods hit a golf ball from Europe to Asia ... Ricky Williams had one of the quotes of the year ... Comedian Louis CK gets the comic book treatment ... This Quebec home, on sale for a cool $3.3 million, comes with a mini Canadiens locker room and skating rink.

Nina on the Street

SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal took to the streets of NYC to see how much New Yorkers know about their hometown.

[si_cvp_video id="video_DB6B372E-C4F7-F15B-3C83-28C925A9FA10"]

Jimmy Kimmel Video of the Day

The late-night host has some fun with kids and their Halloween candy.

Dancing Bodybuilder Video of the Day

Great find by The Big Lead. 

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