By Ryan Glasspiegel
November 26, 2013

Raptors vs Chicago Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The battle between Rudy Gay and statistics rages on. This past January, the Toronto forward was shipped out of Memphis when renowned statistician and new front office executive John Hollinger concluded that Gay's salary was not in line with his actual value. Now Gay has apparently carried a grudge against the evils of numbers to his new city. Via the Toronto Sun:

It’s common practice that after every game each player is provided a scoresheet…That won’t be happening anymore in Toronto. Rudy Gay has put a stop to it. Gay sees the scoresheets as an unnecessary barrier to team unity or even a temptation to be more focussed on what is best for the individual as opposed to what is best for the team.

“We’re not playing for stats,” Gay said. [...]

“I wanted to just nip it in the butt before it became an issue,” he said. “We come in here after losses, after wins and people are staring at those stat sheets, but that’s not what we’re about. We’re a team and the stat that matters is the W.”

There you have it: The "nipping in the butt" was in the name of team camaraderie and surely had nothing to do with Gay's .381 field goal percentage.


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