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Food, Football, Nap, Repeat

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This year I am thankful for three semi-decent Thursday NFL match-ups: Lions (6-5) vs. Packers (5-5-1), Cowboys (6-5) vs. Raiders (4-7) and Ravens (5-6) vs. Steelers (5-6). Not exactly heavyweight battles, but there ought to be fireworks in the NFC North showdown thanks to the shot fired by Packer Josh Sitton, plus the Ravens-Steelers seem to always play a three-point game. In other words, we managed to avoid a turd sandwich game.

Now for the cornucopia of Thanksgiving-themed stories: A cool infographic exploring the history of the NFL Thanksgiving football ... NESN recaps the most memorable and/or butt-fumbley moments ... The types of people you'll meet at your Turkey Bowl game ... Watch Jimmy Fallon and Josh Hutcherson shooting hoops with pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving staples ... Buckle up for 33 awkward and in some cases mildly disturbing Thanksgiving photos ... In case you missed it, check out Extra Mustard's Turkeys of the Year. And of course: Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

A Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio Face Swap

It looks like this. Not as horrifying as some others we've seen, but it still shakes the soul a bit. Love reacted on Twitter.

Newtown, Conn. Football  Team Finishes Regular Season Undefeated

The Newtown Nighthawks improved to 12-0 with a dominant victory Tuesday night, securing the number one seed in the Connecticut state tournament. BuzzFeed reports that earlier this year the team dedicated its season to the 20 students and six school officials killed on Dec. 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook elementary school. Should the Nighthawks advance all the way to the state title game, they would play on December 13 or 14, the one-year anniversary of the shooting.

Lovely Lady Round-up

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In honor of Hanukkah—which coincides with Thanksgiving this year, producing "Thanksgivukkah"—COED has the 27 hottest Jewish celebrities, led by Alison Brie, above ...  Just Hannah Davis and Chrissy Teigen ripping each other's clothes off ... Get to know Brazilian model Simone Villas Boas.

Patriots audible: Belichick's girlfriend

The Patriots apparently used some unique audible calls at the line of scrimmage against the Broncos on Sunday, which included Tom Brady's signals “Linda!” and “Cougar! Cougar!” Linda refers to Linda Holliday, Belichick's girlfriend, who is indeed a cougar. On one such cougar audible, Gronkowski caught a 6-yard pass and scored. I think I'll stop there.

Wikipedia Vandal Hilariously Rips on Knicks Owner James Dolan  

It's easy to make fun of a bumbling franchise-ruiner who moonlights in a rock band, but it took some ingenuity to do it like this.

Odds and Ends

Retired journeyman quarterback Sage Rosenfels was shocked to learn that one of his campaigns landed among ESPN's top statistical seasons ... Steve Smith revels in the fact that he "destroyed" defensive back Fred Smoot's career ... Ron Burgundy will guest host SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5. Don't act like you're not impressed ... In case you missed the insane college basketball buzzer beater last night, well, I just linked to it.

The Doritos Finger Cleaner

This entry into the Doritos" Crash the Superbowl” video contest offers one way to keep your fingers and papers clean from Doritos smear. Outstanding.

Mavs Remake Beatles Video

It's Texas-based NBA team music video day, folks. Ever wonder what Shawn Marion would look like with a George Harrison mop? If so, why?

He'll Feel That One Tomorrow

An AHL player drilled an opponent so severely that his body completely flipped.

How to Fight a Baby

A simple explainer from a father who knows.