Thanksgiving Hot Clicks

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Happy Thanksgiving

Is there any better way to start Thanksgiving Hot Clicks than with a photo gallery of athletes and turkey?

Things I'm Thankful For in Sports

Random things from the sports world that make me happy: The ECHL's bizarre and awesome alternate jerseys (this is just one example) ... Talkative NFL players who are mic'd up during games ... Coaches dancing in the locker room ... College football fans and their topical signs ... the underrated target="_blank">Kevin Harlan getting excited after a slam dunk ... Baseball players and their elaborate handshakes ... Lane Stewart photos (he's a former SI photographer responsible for some of my favorite pics such as this, this and this) ... surprise family reunions at sporting events that invlove a returning soldier ... Jack Edwards doing target="_blank">play-by-play of a Milan Lucic fight ... target="_blank">Major League, which I've seen 25,000 times and still makes me laugh.

Things I'm Thankful For Outside of Sports

Random things from outside the sports world that make me happy:Any scene in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that involves target="_blank">Charlie pretending to be a lawyer ... the space heater my dog has been attached to since the weather got cold ...  ... target="_blank">The Jackson 5 medley from the Michael Jackson 30th anniversary special (in case you forget how talented MJ was) ... British accents on target="_blank">actors I never knew were British ... John Legend and Chrissy Teigenpoking fun at celebrity extravagance ... videos of target="_blank">returning soldiers reuniting with their dogs ... Panicstream (the best website for streaming concerts) ... Genevieve Morton's Instagram account ... Defending Your life, a random, underrated movie I love.

I'm Definitely Thankful for This Dress

I don't know much about fashion, but Irina Shayk and this dress are two things I'm certainly thankful for this year.

Turkeys of the Year

From Lance Armstrong to Ryan Braun, SI has its annual list of the year's biggest turkeys.

Team Caramel vs. Team Popcorn

Did you know that two turkeys (Caramel and Popcorn) are competing against one another to be the National Thanksgiving Turkey. And you get to vote on the winner!

Kevin Harlan Video Of The Day

I mentioned earlier how much I like Kevin Harlan's call of an exciting dunk. Here's one example.

Jack Edwards Video Of The Day

As with Harlan, here's Jack Edwards doing play-by-play of a Milan Lucic fight.

Tom Brady's First NFL pass

We led Hot Clicks with a photo of Tom Brady enjoying his Thanksgiving turkey last year. We will end with this video of Tom Brady's first NFL pass, which was thrown during mop-up time of a 34-9 loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving in 2000.