By Brett Smiley
December 03, 2013

This week's edition of idiotic tipping condemnation comes from the sports world, where a bitter Alabama fan refused to leave an actual tip on a $20.25 check for a server whom the customer claims was "Proud of Auburn," which pulled off an incredible comeback over top-ranked Alabama in the Iron Bowl on Saturday. Instead of what should have been a roughly $3 to $4 dollar tip for the server, who coincidentally is named Forrest (you may recall that Gump played football at Alabama), the customer allegedly wrote this:

Don't talk about being proud of Auburn to an Alabama Fan! There's your tip.

Granted, it's not like anyone's ever faked a stiffed tip before. Let's just take this as an implicit admission that yelling "Roll Tide!" never adds value to anything.


H/T Brian Floyd

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