By Dan Treadway
December 16, 2013

So it appears that at least one Chicago resident is happy that Jay Cutler has re-taken the starting quarterback job for the Bears.

In his first start since sustaining an ankle injury against the Lions in Week 10, Cutler led Chicago to an impressive 21-point fourth quarter en route to a 38-31 victory over the Browns.

And Brandon Marshall wasn't shy about showing his approval, giving his signal caller a bear hug (get it?) during the third quarter.


Then, as Cutler was delivering pleasantries after the game, Marshall decided to take his affectionate displays to the next level by delivering a quick, but ever so tender, peck on his cheek.

Jay Cutler Brandon Marshall

It's not difficult to understand why Marshall was so happy -- the Pro Bowl wide out was targeted 13 times during the game, which was more than twice as often as any other receiver on the team.

Cutler, to his credit (or perhaps rudely, depending on your perspective), didn't even flinch during the incident and continued on with the interview, leading one to believe that perhaps this isn't such an uncommon occurrence.

And this was all because of a win over a 4-9 team, which leaves me kind of anxious to see how things will escalate if the Bears make a long playoff run.

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