By Ryan Glasspiegel
December 16, 2013

reno Police Photo

Although one would assume that a man living by a golf course would accept some broken glass, that was not the case for 53-year-old Reno man Jeff Fleming. After a wayward shot came sailing through his window last September, Fleming promptly responded by grabbing his shotgun and shooting the offending golfer. (You know, as one does.)

Weirdly, Fleming emerged from the ensuing legal proceedings with just five years' probation and a $1,000 fine. Wait, what now? That's the cost of shooting somebody with a shotgun? How does that work?

Well, Fleming's attorney made the apparently convincing argument that his client, an "outstanding citizen," had merely intended to fire a warning shot, but missed. Seems like a distant cousin of the Chewbacca defense.


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