By Brendan Maloy
December 24, 2013

Storming the field: Fun for the whole family!

After a controversial red card and another no-call in the final ten minutes of a match between Braga and Maritimo in Portugal's Primera Liga, fans took to the field to showcase their displeasure -- as they tend to do. But instead of the usual mob of angry young men, this time the hooligans were joined by an elderly woman decked from head to toe in Braga gear.

After being turned away, the super fan gives a security guard an earful before laughing her way back to the stands. This will make for a great story to tell her grandchildren.

This GIF pairs well with "Yakety-Sax." (Via BI:Sports) Grandma Braga doesn't take kindly to the security guards. (Via BI:Sports)



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