By Sam Page
January 06, 2014

Evander Holyfield is apparently now appearing on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother, the spin-off of a Dutch reality show spin-off that you may know best from its American spin-off. And on said show, Holyfield recently made some pretty bizarre remarks about homosexuality, when asked by housemate and alleged British celebrity Luisa Zissman if there were any gay boxers.

You can watch for yourself, but he basically calls homosexuality something to be fixed by comparing it to being born with your leg on backwards (huh?). He later obfuscates his views on homosexuality by referring to it as a choice; either way, he's waving a giant flag of ignorance.

Now the channel that broadcasts the show in the United Kingdom could be facing an investigation from Ofcom, the British airwave regulatory agency, in a move that seems a tad ironic, given the show's title. For his part, Holyfield has neither apologized nor been kicked off the show yet.

Suffice it to say, between the revelations in (and reactions toChris Kluwe's article, Aaron Rodgers' Mike Piazza moment, Torrey Smith's non-apology, and now this, it wasn't a banner week for progressive views of homosexuality in American sports.



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