By Brett Smiley
January 13, 2014

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We've Got a Man Down

The chalky Divisional Round didn't nearly fill Wild Card Weekend's shoes for drama but it delivered on hilarity, with moments like Airborne Ahmad Brooks, who mistimed a blitz at the goal line and ended up hurdling the Carolina offensive line. Simultaneously, a sniper took out Cam Newton.

Anquan Boldin's mouth was as busy as his legs yesterday ... Jim Harbaugh once again brought his gesticulating A-game; here is one of his better flails mashed up with Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (H/T MarcusD) ... Newton wore Superman cleats from Under Armour, which Adidas countered with Kryptonite kicks ... Colin Kaepernick inevitably mocked Cam's Superman celebration (check out a whole gallery of NFL-ers ripping off signature dances) ... Jerry Rice isn't quite buying Harbaugh's position that Michael Crabtree has the best hands ever.

It didn't bode well for passing in Denver when the color guard had trouble keeping flags raised on the field ... The ruthless Turf Monster struck Eric Decker ... Farewell to the most entertaining QB in the playoffs, Phillip Rivers, whose stomping around was brilliantly mocked by Denver's Robert Ayers ... While Superman was in Carolina, Sad Batman appeared in Denver when the Broncos iced the game.

Meet the Press, Be the Press

Kaepernick, ever-scrutinized for his behavior/attire/tattoos, drew the ire of a reporter who took great offense to his backwards cap. But if you can't please 'em, join 'em: Kaep crashed Boldin's session with reporters and took some stellar notes.

Aaron Craft Wrecked a Cheerleader

Ohio State's 6' 2" engine-that-could made another tremendous effort to save a loose ball but wasted a poor cheerleader in the process.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

I'm starting off the week with a fastball: the gorgeous, adorable Jennifer Lawrence who looked stunning on the sewage-infested Golden Globes carpet last night. Anyways, here's today's Lovely Lady in less formal attire, and here she is animated. 

Brace Yourself, Bobby Petrino

A young Kentucky fan dressed up for the team's contest with Louisville as once-again Cardinals football coach Bobby Petrino, complete with neck brace and facial bruising. The kid nailed the raccoon eyes, but I could have used a little more tire burn face.

Jester Trolls King

Nets forward Mirza Teletovic dissed LeBron James on Twitter, posting an image from James' outburst after a hard foul by Teletovic on Friday.

Preserving the 12th Man

Seattle will not sell NFC Championship tickets to persons with a billing address in California. Expect a legal challenge from a San Francisco attorney looking for some free publicity.

Odds & Ends

Buffalo's Ryan Miller made one of the saves of the season yesterday ... Tom Brady still can't catch a high five from a teammate ... No Pants Subway Ride!!! (NSFW) ... Bono snubbed Puffy on a hug attempt at the Globes ... NFL Network asks if 'Hawks are unbeatable at home; Arizona Cardinals answer ... John Daly still dominating the pants game ... Dan Marino's studio compatriots love dumping on his lack of a ring.

Dwight Howard vs Kid

During a roof leak at the Verizon Center, Dwight Howard had some fun playing one-on-one with a kid and mercilessly blocking the 4'10"-ers shot. (H/T r/nba)

One Way to Remove a Tooth

Brother removes sister's tooth with a baseball bat. Not what you think, still very suspenseful. (H/T Big League Stew)

Star-Spangled Trumpet

Let's enjoy once again trumpeter Jesse McGuire's rousing rendition of the national anthem in Carolina.

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