By Sam Page
January 14, 2014

There's a lot to unpack in this 17-minute video of two Federal Hockey League teams beating the pulp out of each other, and Eye on Hockey has all the highlights noted. I'll go ahead and add these worthy moments to their list:

  • 0:30: The whole thing starts not because of the massive hit at the beginning of the video, but the retaliatory clothesline by a goalie on a skater.
  • 8:13: The announcer begins explaining how the penalties will be meted out at the prompting of "my man Steve."
  • 16:00: The announcer instructs the camera man to get a shot of one of the players walking around outside the rink in skates, a T-shirt, and a cowboy hat.

Puck Daddy has pointed out some other worthy details -- like I said, there's a lot here. Maybe just watch the whole thing.


Eye on Hockey

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