By Brett Smiley
January 15, 2014

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Goodnight and Good Dunk

MCT via Getty Images MCT via Getty Images

Time to create a new file for "missed-three-pointer-buzzer-beater jams" after the wild overtime ending last night in Fayetteville, where Razorbacks sophomore guard Michael Qualls fielded a miss from Rashad Madden and brought the house down with a slam as time expired. Qualls cut through the paint from the opposite side of Madden's shot and forcefully deposited the rebound while airborne with less than 0.5 seconds remaining in overtime and the game knotted at 85. Check it out from a couple angles courtesy @CJzero.

Amar'e's No Look Pass to No One

In a less coordinated basketball play, Amar'e Stoudemire flung a pass to ghost teammate that ended up knocking the drink all over a woman sitting court side.

Clark the Cub, Chapter III: Things Get Worse

Remember the Deadspin photoshop contest for the maligned Cubs mascot? A submission by Gawker's Jim Cooke of the pants-less Clark's undercarriage was aired by Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic for a solid 10 seconds while the anchor described Clark as "A young friendly cub who can't wait to interact with kids." Add a production assistant to the January jobs report.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Today's LLOD is formerly blonde British glamour model Leah Francis, who I submit would look good with any hair color or style. Get the full gallery at Mandatory here. She's on Twitter and her NSFW official website is here.

Oral History of "Hoop Dreams" 

The Dissolve has it for you on the 20th anniversary of its premiere. (H/T BobbyBigWheel)

R.B.I. Baseball Making a Comeback  

MLB Advanced Media announced the return of the classic NES and Atari game, although this might be a reboot in name only. That said, I'm the guy who's still hoping for a modern Excitebike

Marc Gasol's Flying Butt Slap

For when a high-five won't suffice, or, when you've had your rear accosted on the hardcourt before.

Odds & Ends

Ready to discuss the rules of court storming? ... Seahawks and 49ers fans put aside differences to raise money for children's hospitals ... The last time Chris Kaman will attempt a behind-the-back pass ... The AFL is trying out helmet cameras, which sounds awesome but might make you nauseous ... The guy who tased his wife per the terms of a Packers-Bears bet got a $250 fine. Cops determined that the bet was legit but the wife told the officers that she didn’t think her husband would actually go through with it (thanks, BP) ... Here's Miss Arkansas with a bro ... Pop star wife of Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka's is a "mystery factor in the already secretive Tanaka sweepstakes."

No Punches Pulled

And barely any defense in this slugfest between Mike Brown and Aaron Volpatti. (H/T ProHockeyTalk)

Devil prank

I absolutely love everything about this video (which apparently is a publicity stunt for the upcoming movie Devil's Due) but my favorite moment is the contemplative prank victim at 1:17.

Westboro Baptist Troll

Comedian/reporter Brick Stone brilliantly mocked the loathsome WBC at the Golden Globes.


Springsteen & Fallon's Traffic Jam Song

This will probably cut New Jersey governor Chris Christie deep considering he worships the Boss.

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