By Andy Gray
January 17, 2014

Athletes in the Classroom

In A.M. Clicks, we covered Kobe Bryant's surprise trip to Boston College, where he sat in on a few random classes and hung out with students. This inspired me to search through the SI archives for photos of athletes in the classroom, led by this spectacular shot of the Lakers in October 1981.

In Birthday News

Muhammad Ali turns 72 today, which would normally be an excuse to run an Ali photo gallery except I did that a couple weeks ago. Luckily, Complex has 25 little-known facts about the artist formally known as Cassius Clay, while Yahoo lists Ali's 12 most famous boxing moments. Unfortunately, nobody created a friend collage for Ali as LeBron James did for teammate Dwyane Wade (who turns 32 today).

Bill Belichick's Thoughts on Pats Players Getting High in Colorado This Weekend

"Don't go out there and be stupid." Were you honestly expecting something more elaborate? 

Lovely Lady Q&A

Ashlyn Coray is someone you should really know about at this point. If you don't, here's a quick Q&A with the 20-year-old California native so she can properly introduce herself.

Hot Clicks: Tell us about yourself: Are you in school? Do you work?

Ashlyn Coray: When I am not modeling or doing school work, I am at the gym! Just started going to body pump three days a week and I am addicted!

Hot Clicks: You're becoming a bit of an Internet celebrity, which means you probably get hit on a lot through Twitter. Am I correct?

Ashlyn Coray: Haha, yes, on Twitter, Instagram and creepy emails!

Hot Clicks: What's the nicest thing anyone has said to you on Twitter? What's the strangest?

Ashlyn Coray: The strangest was when someone offered me a thousand dollars to meet them for coffee. I don't know if I have a nicest. I love all my amazing fan mail :)

Hot Clicks: I saw you filmed your first commercial. How did that go?

Ashlyn Coray: It was so much fun! It was very laid back and silly.

Hot Clicks: Of all your pics, my favorite of you is the sweatpants and a bra. Can we make that the new pose for all the aspiring models on Twitter?

Ashlyn Coray: Yes. Let's start a new trend!

The One and Only Beast Mode

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp offered Marshawn Lynch a $100,000 royalty to use the phrase "Beast Mode," which Lynch has trademarked. Lynch said no.

A Romantic Moon Over New York City

Just kidding about the romantic part.

I Think I Angered Dan Marino

Odds and Ends

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin reached out to DeSean Jackson about a security issue ... A Patriots cheerleader had a successful appearance on American Idol ... Ouch! ... This is what a Colin Kaepernick leg tattoo looks like ... Ryan Lochte's parents lost their home to foreclosure ... The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram pics of the week ... One reason to root for the Broncos on Sunday ... A British reality show that features couples having sex in a box is coming to the U.S.

Military Reunion Of The Day

Gets a little dusty around the 1:25 mark.

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Mike Francesa On Kellen Winslow

The New York radio host has a hard time believing the Kellen Winslow story. (HT: The Big Lead)

Birth of Beast Mode

Since I mentioned it earlier, this is the 2010 touchdown run that helped earn Marshawn Lynch the "Beast Mode" nickname.

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