By Andy Gray
January 21, 2014

History of Super Bowl Tickets

We mentioned in A.M. Clicks that this year's Super Bowl tickets will include a combined view of New York and New Jersey. And since you're now wondering what tickets to previous Super Bowls looked like, I created a gallery to show their evolution over the years.

Sochi Olympics Toilet Update

Looks like the buddy system will be implemented on all bathroom trips.

It's Nice Being Wealthy

Warren Buffet, whose personal wealth is estimated at $58.5 billion by Forbes, will give $1 billion to anyone who fills out a perfect bracket for this year's NCAA Tournament. The odds of that happening are roughly 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Katy Perry has a new photo spread out for GQ ... I agree with this headline. Zahia Dehar is a real pretty woman ... Lucy Aragon knows her way around an Instagram account.

WAG Update

Thunder center Serge Ibaka and singer Keri Hilson have called it quits.

Arrest Update

Former NBA guard Javaris Crittenton, who may be best remembered for pulling a pistol on Gilbert Arenas after a gambling dispute, was arrested as part of a massive drug ring last week. It turns out he was allegedly trying to move 400 kilos of cocaine and 10 pounds of pot.

Michelle Got Game

First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her skills during the Heat's visit to the White House.

Dunk of the Year, Animated

Pacers guard Paul George threw down the season's best dunk, a 360 windmill slam, during a game against the Clippers last week. Artist PATruby sketched and animated the dunk and it's tremendous.

Odds and Ends

Nobody is buying tickets to Sochi. Wonder if it's the toilets? ... The Full House stars are reuniting for a Super Bowl commercial ... Charles Barkley made a solid Kellen Winslow Jr. joke during last night's Warriors-Pacers game ... Did Johnny Manziel sign with Under Armour?

Detlef Schrempf Video Of The Day

The former Sonics star turns 51 today. Here he is rejecting Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on an episode of Parks and Rec.

Sexiest Super Bowl Ads

The famous Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime performance was 10 years ago today. I can't show it here (for obvious reasons) but Ranker has listed the top 10 sexiest Super Bowl ads of all time, including Ali Landry eating Doritos.

Golf Shot of the Day

Amateur golfer Chris Mohan pulled off this incredible shot at the 2014 Humana Challenge over the weekend.

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