By Amy Parlapiano
January 23, 2014

Yes, the Richard Sherman interview has been talked about to death. We don't need to dwell on it anymore. The Super Bowl is ten days away. We need to all move on from arguably the best cornerback in the game calling himself the best cornerback in the game loudly on live TV. But before we do, we need to all watch this group of adorable children re-enact said interview. Because if we have to watch one more iteration of the interview, it should definitely be this version.

Some of the highlights:

00:07: USC kid gets so excited, he hits the microphone. Some true Richard Sherman emotion there. Then later on, he starts yelling so passionately he forgets what he's even trying to say. "When you try me against a sorry receiver like Crabtree…..uhhh…" 

00:21: Girl in the 'Frozen' t-shirt gives some excellent sass-face after talking about that "sorry receiver Crabtree."

00:23: Lurking kid in white shirt creepily (and awesomely) approaches from behind fake Sherman and fake Erin Andrews with a baseball bat.

00:40: I think we can all agree the Sherman interview would have been even better if his response to Andrews' "who was talking about you?" was a high-pitched "CRABTREEEEEEEEEEE!!!" with subsequent jumping and giggling.

00:49: I think we can also agree that girl in the 'Frozen' t-shirt definitely wins all of the sass awards.


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