By Andy Gray
January 29, 2014

Super Bowl Look-Alikes

Who knew that Broncos kicker Matt Prater is the spitting image of the guy from Modern Family?

Who Stole Austin Carr's Banner?

The number 34 banner of Cavs legend Austin Carr is no longer hanging at Quicken Loans Arena. Why? It was stolen sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, most likely during the WWE Raw event on Monday. For those unfamiliar with Carr, here's some grainy footage of him pouring in 61 points during a 1970 Notre Dame-Ohio University NCAA tournament game.

The Love Boat, Revisited?

Former cornerback Fred Smoot, who was at the center of the Vikings' infamous 2005 Love Boat Cruise, is trying to raise money for a second (less controversial) Love Boat Cruise to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Thank you to Cyrus in Boulder for alerting me to Mara Teigen. You should follow her on Instagram ... Another Instagram star is Tianna Gregory ... Playboy turned 60, and 60 Bunnies came out for the anniversary.

10 Amazing Winter Olympic Facts

Did you know that Russia promised to give $122,000 to each of its gold medal winners at Sochi? Speaking of Sochi, SI's Olympic preview comes out today, with four covers, each featuring a potential star of the U.S. team.

Grading the NBA's Celebrity All-Star Game

USA Today graded the players in this year's All-Star Celebrity Game and only gave Erin Heatherton a B+. I'm not sure what else to say.

Today In Bad Athlete Tattoos

Brian Wilson got a handgun tattoo on his hand.

Feel-Good Item of the Day

We have a new "Son of the Year" candidate.

Odds and Ends

Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman got caught in a 19-hour traffic jam last night ... John Calipari gave his player a productive shove during last night's Kentucky-LSU game ... The 12 best fast-food breakfast sandwiches ... Did you know Porsche's first car was an 1898 Electric Buggy?

Now That's School Spirit

This male cheerleader from Iowa is really excited. (HT: Lost Letterman)

Women's College Basketball Coach of the Day

Belmont coach Cameron Newbauer busts out his Jim Carrey impersonation. (HT: OVC Extra)

New Sport Alert: Taser Football

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like, though the taser is not juiced up all the way.

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