By Dan Treadway
January 31, 2014

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With the help of numbers compiled by Team Marketing Report, Al Jazeera has put together a very nifty sortable table that sheds light on many of the exorbitant costs associated with attending an NFL game.

The table is available here, but there were a few specific items that I felt were particularly of note:

  • A 20 oz beer costs $9.75 at a Raiders game, which is $3.75 more than a 22 oz beer costs at a Panthers game. But fortunately, a 12 oz beer at a Browns game only costs $5 -- tied for the cheapest in the league -- because Cleveland fans could probably use the discounted libation given the team's performance in recent years (decades).
  • While a beer will cost you dearly, the Raiders actually boast the cheapest average cost for a premium ticket at $138.93. That's $427 less than the average cost of a premium ticket to a Patriots game, which is the most expensive in the league at $566.67.
  • The cost of parking at a Cowboys game ($75), is more expensive than the average ticket cost of 14 NFL teams.
  • The league average Fan Cost Index, which tracks the average cost for a family of four to attend a game (this total cost includes the price of two adult average price tickets, two child average price tickets, four small soft drinks, two small beers, four hot dogs, two programs, parking and two adult-size caps) is $459.
  • New Orleans has the most expensive hats in the league, costing $32, which is clearly too much to pay for a hat.
  • The table as a whole is quite interesting to tinker around with, but it seems the main takeaway is that, for the most part, it's quite over the top expensive to attend an NFL game. Given these numbers, it's really not a mystery why attendance has continued to decline since 2007.

    [Al Jazeera]

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