By Chelsey Boehnke
February 04, 2014

Let's take a moment on this, the 38th anniversary of Cam'ron's birth, to celebrate not his musical accomplishments (considerable though they were), but rather his sartorial contributions to culture. This is a man responsible for some of the greatest athleticwear ensembles in history—most certainly including the Trail Blazers masterpiece below. (If you think this post is just an excuse to show a photo of Killer Cam alongside Monica Lewinsky and Dame Dash as the latter two toss up makeshift Rocs, you're not wrong.)


It's easy forget now that jerseys have become everyday attire for a good portion of the population, but back in the day The Diplomats reigned supreme in the realm of sports threads. You would be hard pressed to find a Dipset video that didn’t feature a bevy of jerseys representing a vast array of leagues and teams. The Harlem-born phenom way a key cog in the “Throwback Classic” machine (he helped power the pink fur industry, too).

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