By Brendan Maloy
February 05, 2014

Richard Sherman is good at a lot of things: playing cornerback, yelling, and most importantly, out-trolling the rest of the internet. His latest triumph came over a particularly nasty piece of vitriol directed at him.

The tweets, which were later deleted by the user, read, in order:

Everyone who heard you dissing Manning before knows you don't mean a damn word of this, you pathetic, disingenuous punk.

Take your phony praise and shove it up your drugged out ass, you worthless scumbag.

Seattle beat Denver, but you contributed nothing and got carted off with an injury. Karma's a NASTY bitch, needle Dick! :P

Fortunately Sherman, the always clever Stanford graduate had an infallible retort to the ad hominem attacks:

completely quit Twitter

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