By Bryan Rose
February 15, 2014

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 8 - United States v Russia Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

T.J. Oshie went from NHL star to American Olympic legend in a matter of minutes today when the 27-year-old Blues center put on a shoot-out clinic and helped the U.S. beat Russia. One can understand why Russian fans aren't too fond of him—but considering the evidence below, they're the only people who should feel that way.


1. Won the NHL's 2009 Goal of the Year award.

2. Isn't afraid of a good cry.

3. Displayed keen judgement when choosing the future mother of his child.


4. Got name-checked in the Bouncing Souls song "Badass".

5. Scores goals so impressive that nobody knows it happened.

6. Gifted actor.

7. Doesn't mind doing teammates' laundry.

8. Lays out opposing players like a boss.

9. Elmo enthusiast.

10. Crowd-pleaser.

11. Enjoys making goalies look foolish.

12. Has a kick-save in his arsenal.

13. Eludes elbows to the head …

14. … and doles out sturdy reverse hits.

15. Has his own Sochi Olympics t-shirt.

16. Because T.J. Oshie does this …

17. … and because Wikipedia is never wrong.


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