By Stu White
February 16, 2014


After being damaged in a recent ice storm, the famous Eisenhower Tree that guarded the 17th hole at Augusta National Golf Club was removed over the weekend. The pine was named after the former president, who hit so many shots into its branches that in 1956 he tried to have it cut down.

Augusta National chairman Billy Payne had this to say about the felling of the tree:

“The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept. We obtained opinions from the best arborists available and, unfortunately, were advised that no recovery was possible. We have begun deliberations of the best way to address the future of the 17th hole and to pay tribute to this iconic symbol of our history – rest assured, we will do both appropriately."

Thanks to those arborists, the world has one less reminder that President Eisenhower was a mediocre golfer. RIP tree.

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