By Brett Smiley
February 18, 2014

Brett Smiley of Weekend Hot Clicks here with you this week while Andy’s on Swimsuit Issue duty, so buckle up for a lot of brunettes. Send online greeting cards and/or tips to basmiley [at] gmail [dot] com or hit me up on Twitter @brettsmiley.

Most Likely to Dominate Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon has officially taken his talents to The Tonight Show, and it appears he's bringing some of his excellent recurring sketches from Late Night with him, namely, sports superlatives. As you can see above, last night Fallon had fun at the expense of Olympians, including new ice dancing gold medalist Charlie White (congrats to him and Meryl Davis), who indeed looks angelic, especially in his skating outfits. For those of you who get away with video during the workday:

Basketball Player Breaks Young Girl's Legs


Tell Us How You Really Feel

Russia's Alexander Kasjanov barely missed out on a two-man bobsled medal ('Murica!) and used some NBC face time to oh-so-subtly express his frustration.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Today's Lovely Lady is SI Swimsuit rookie Chanel Iman. Follow her on InstagramTwitter, and check her out in the 50th Anniversary Issue (available now). Also: try to spot her in the 2014 Teaser Video.

Take Note, Gentlemen

Some fella on Twitter made a pass at Nina Agdal -- and the pick-up line seems to have worked!

The Best College Basketball Names

You know you're in for a solid rundown when #25 is Austen Powers and #19 is Dominitrix Johnson.

The Skating Dead

American ice dancing duo Maia and Alex Shibutani skated to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," but Russian pair Dmitri Soloviev and Ekaterina Bobrova went full-blown zombie creep at the outset of their routine.

Odds & Ends

75-year-old former LSU baseball coach Skip Bertman fought back against three burglars ... The saga of Richie Incognito's Twitter account continues with his apology for being a "big baby" ... A German table tennis champion to play against industrial robot next month ... Marcus Smart needs a chaperone ... Recent LLOD Alexandra Daddario can make a factual statement of this kind ... Woman gets arrested for failing to return Monster In Law ... MLB is launching a Snapchat account today, I suppose for svelte Sandoval pictures? ... Twizzle reel ... Check out a full-scale replica of the Metrodome in Minecraft.

Beast Mode Lights Up a Camper

He doesn't know his own strength. [Brobible]

How to Win at the Kiss Cam

It happened at a Minnesota Golden Gophers men's hockey game. No idea why he came prepared or how he got the cameras to fix on him, but the man does offer a lesson in preparation. [Bob's Blitz]

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