Jim Boeheim goes ballistic over a late charge call against Duke ... and it was amazing

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He has 36 20-win seasons, a national title, and more wins than any coach not named Krzyzewski, but if there's one thing Jim Boeheim doesn't have it's a good poker face.

With his team down two, late against Duke Saturday night, senior C.J. Fair went to the rim with authority, finishing over Rodney Hood, who took a shot to the chest and fell to the ground. Instead of an 'and-1' with the potential to give Syracuse the lead, it was called a charge.

Jim Boeheim, well, disagreed. In fact, he almost literally came out of his clothes letting the ACC officiating crew know about it. It doesn't take a well-trained lipreader to determine exactly how the Hall-of-Fame coach was describing the play in question -- he repeated one word in particular, a descriptor most literally applicable to a farm or ranch setting.

In case you're still unclear of how Mr. Boeheim feels, here's the scene in slow motion.

Boeheim was subsequently thrown out of the game, and Syracuse lost 66-60, but all of that seemed irrelevant after such a captivating performance.

Coach Boeheim has been friends with Coach K for years, but this was Syracuse's first trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium, where Duke has a 30-game win streak and is infamous for getting favorable whistles. It's fair to say Boeheim -- not to mention Orange Nation -- feels like they just got Cameron'd.

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