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Joba's New Tattoo

Joba Chamberlain :: @freepsports

Joba Chamberlain :: @freepsports

Tigers pitcher Joba Chamberlain got creative with the scar from his 2011 Tommy John surgery and turned it into a happy face. Rumor has it he was considering this tiny stretch of ink but opted against it after being traded to Detroit.

LeBron Makes Internet Explode

What happens when you combine a creepy black mask, the planet's biggest basketball star and a nationally televised game? Twitter mayhem, as was the case during last night's Heat-Knicks game. LeBron capped of the night by appearing with Jimmy Fallon on this phenomenal old-school rap.

Paging Fisher Price Executives

If you don't make this Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young shootout into a commercial, you're dropping a huge ball. I wish I could have this much fun just one time in my life.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Alex Morgan is one of three athletes in this year's SI Swimsuit issue (the other two areSkylar Diggins and Anastasia Ashley). Morgan is currently nursing an ankle injury, which should give her plenty of time to vote in this year's SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year race.

Today's Eloquent Metaphor

"Like poop through a diarrhea infected goose, Benn goes through everyone."

-Dallas Stars analyst Daryl "Razor" Reaugh, describing Jamie Benn's goal during Thursday's game against Carolina.

Eight Seconds With Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's name popped up among Ohio State's 42 self-reported violations to the NCAA. Urban Meyer and Tebow were hanging out while the Buckeyes coach was on the phone with recruit Clifton Garrett. Tebow then got on the phone and spoke to Garrett for eight seconds, a no-no according to NCAA rules.

From the SI Vault

Gilbert Arenas :: Simon Bruty/SI

Gilbert Arenas :: Simon Bruty/SI

I'm still laughing over that Gilbert Arenas-Nick Young video, so I decided to hunt down the goofiest Gilbert Arenas photo I could find. For more vintage sports photos, follow the SI Vault on Twitter. While you’re at it, follow my personal Twitter account and Extra Mustard as well.

Odds and Ends

Roger Staubach is the NFL's highest paid retired player at $13 million a year ... Nike debuted Air Jordans designed for skaters ... This $60 million high school football stadium looks like a colossal waste of money ... Barry Switzer has some interesting opinions about recruiting quarterbacks ... Jimmer Fredetteis a free man ... Fort Greene residents aren't loving Spike Lee these days ... SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdalloves her Carl's Jr. fish sandwiches.

Take That, LeBron

Kevin Love shows that he, like LeBron James, can use the wall for a trick dunk.

Half-Court Shot Of The Day

A one-armed high school student nails a half-court shot for $100. Seems like the payout should've been higher. Just saying.

Michael Jordan vs. Xavier McDaniel

Wichita State is No. 2 in Luke Winn's latest college basketball rankings. This led me to search for WSU alum Xavier McDaniel videos and I found this gem of a heated 1992 playoff game between the Knicks and Bulls.

Husky Of The Day

Not sure if I'm posting too many dog videos (feedback always welcome, by the way. I'm at but as an ex-Husky owner, this video kinda forced my hand.