By Andy Gray
March 03, 2014

Allen Iverson Photo Tribute

The 76ers retired Allen Iverson's number 3 jersey during a halftime ceremony on Saturday, and NBA stars including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant gave props to A.I. on Twitter. The two best tributes, however, were Marlon Byrd's customized batting practice jersey and the haircut received by this Sixers fan. I've collected some of my favorite Iverson photos for the gallery above.

Here's a List of Free Stuff Given to Academy Award Nominees

I'm mesmerized by this list, which includes everything from organic pet shampoo ($20) to a Japanese vacation ($15,000). The total value of the items is $85,000.

Living the Good Life

It's been a great two weeks for Hank, the stray pup who showed up at Brewers spring training and was adopted by the team. Not only has he become a cult hero in Milwaukee, but he also got to hang out with Melanie Iglesias over the weekend and then got to destroy a Cubs chew toy.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Jacqueline Schaffer is a model I just learned about today. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter ... Here's a historical look at SI Swimsuit models on the Oscar Red Carpet ... Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt wore a blue bikini to the beach ... Jaclyn Betham is the latest model featured on Me In My Place ... The greatest butts in movie poster history.

Would You Wear This New Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey in Public?

I kind of like them (though the first option is, obviously, to go back to the creamsicle uniforms).

Look Who's Getting in Shape

Bill Belichick (in trademark ripped hoodie) visits the gym with girlfriend Linda Holliday.

Odds and Ends

Nike unveiled its World Cup uniform for the U.S. soccer team and it looks like a golf shirt ... Stan Kroenke is the wealthiest man in sports, according to Forbes ... A Purdue student was sentenced to 90 days in jail for hacking into the school's computer system and giving himself straight A's ... Matthew McConaughey at his high school prom ... Fourteen world-changing data visualizations from the last four centuries ... The ugliest uniforms in sports history.

Hockey Goal of the Day

Robert Clerc scored this lacrosse-style goal (a.k.a. - The Michigan) during a New York State Amateur Hockey Association high school club tournament game. (HT Yahoo's Prep Rally Blog)

A Tribute to Uncle Phil

James Avery, better known as Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was left out of last night's "In Memoriam" segment. Here are some of his best moments from the show.

Meteorologist/Singer of the Day

WGN’s Dan Ponce sings to Chicago residents who are sick of the snow. This is amazing.

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