By Ben Sin
March 03, 2014


You might have noticed NBA players like Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard wore never-before-seen gold and white Air Jordans last night. Those shoes, not yet available in stores, are called the Jordan XX8 SE PE "Oscars", and as you have probably guessed, are named after the Academy Awards, which took place last night.

Now, I'm a long-time fan of Jordan the basketball player and I've written several times about the significance of Air Jordans, not just as basketball shoes, but as a symbol, representing minorities making it in America. Heck, I even paid double market price for a pair of Jordan IIIs last summer. But even I must ask: "Oscar-themed Jordans? Really?"

Other than starring in Space Jam some two decades ago, what does Jordan have to do with Hollywood? In a day and age when the collector's sneaker scene is becoming increasingly saturated, Jordans are pumping out re-releases and re-re-re-releases and "special editions" seemingly every other week. These shoes are only available to players now, but there is no doubt a release date planned somewhere down the line, with "limited quantities" available, so fans are forced to line up overnight, and violence will probably erupt, and Jordan will once again remain mum as he counts his stacks of cash.

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