By Andy Gray
March 12, 2014

LeBron Meets Biggest Fan

LeBron James and fan :: @kingjames LeBron James and fan :: @kingjames

Fans aren't always rational when it comes to their sports-related tattoos, and this Heat fan is no exception. But when you ink up your entire back in an homage to LeBron James, it makes sense to stop by his wife's Miami juice shop to see if you can get a photo with the two-time NBA champion. Luckily for the fan, it worked out perfectly and he'll always have this photo of himself and LeBron to show people who make fun of his tattoo. Though in his defense, at least it's a tribute to the NBA's best player and not, say, Charlie Villanueva or Bobby Cox.

Speaking of Overly Dedicated Fans

A Tampa Bay businessman and his family have amassed a collection of autographed balls from each of the over 400 players, coaches, and managers ever to wear a (Devil) Rays uniform.

Bad Moments In Twitter

Darren Sproles sent out this sad tweet after reading an ESPN report that the Saints intend to trade him.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

I spoke with SI Swimsuit rookie Hannah Ferguson a few weeks ago and learned two interesting things. 1) She grew up on a farm in Texas, where she had to feed the animals, pick up trash and perform other farm-related chores. 2) Her parents met in the Marines, where her dad was a sniper. She also looks really good in lingerie, as these photos prove.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

SI's Luke Winn spent four days with the undefeated Wichita State basketball team and produced this behind-the-scenes story that you should read immediately. Onto the giveaway. has thousands of items to help you gear up for the NCAA Tournament. And as luck would have it, they gave me some of these Wichita State T-shirts to give away. The first five people who email me the name of the WWE superstar who once played center for the Shockers will get them. Please make the subject line "Shockers." And just a reminder, is the one-stop solution for all sports fans (and you should visit because they keep giving me free stuff to give away).

(Update, 12:05 p.m.: Contest is over. Winners will be notified tomorrow. There will be another giveaway tomorrow.)

Ron Washington Rules

I already loved Ron Washington for being a member of the Keith Hernandez School of Dugout Smoking but now comes this story: He once paid a $200 fine for getting ejected from a spring training game with 20,000 pennies. 

From the SI Vault

Julius Peppers and Casey Sanders :: Manny Millan/SI Julius Peppers and Casey Sanders :: Manny Millan/SI

Julius Peppers, a walk-on for coach Bill Guthridge, powers a layup over Casey Sanders during a 2001 Duke-North Carolina game. The Bears released Peppers on Tuesday. They were trying to shop the veteran in recent days but Peppers’ age (34), declining production (7.5 sacks in 2013) and enormous 2014 cap hit (over $18 million) left them without any takers.

Odds and Ends

Carve out a few minutes and read this New York Times profile of ESPN anchor Stuart Scott and his battle with cancer ... The Thunder-Rockets game last night was quite testy ... Marshawn Lynch received a custom Skittles jersey ... An excellent behind-the-scenes look at the Playboy mansion ... The Carmelo Anthony press conference quote generator ... This Floyd Mayweather Jr. story is insane ... Lolo Jones partied with Anthony Davis on his 21st birthday earlier this week ... Super Mario made out of a bunch of canned goods.

Feel-Good Of The Day

A Minnesota Wild fan gets a surprise from her husband, who returned from his third tour of overseas duty.

Hockey Fights of the Week

Philadelphia's Jay Rosenhill and Toronto's Frazer McLaren lead this week's collection of the week's best fights.

Dog Honking Car Horn

This rules. (HT BroBible)

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