By Bryan Rose
March 16, 2014


Broadcast networks are always looking for ways to get the viewer closer to the action, which is why they've recently started placing announcers/analysts between the benches of NHL teams.

The addition certainly gives a unique perspective given the analyst can see and hear what's taking place on the ice as opposed to up in the booth, but standing between benches comes with standard hockey hazards - you know, like a stick to the face.

That's something Mike Greenlay of Fox Sports North learned recently after he took a high-stick from Matt Cooke during Thursday's game between the Buffalo Sabres and Minnesota Wild.

Thankfully Greenlay didn't suffer any significant injuries and was able to finish the telecast, though he did have a nice shiner (and stitches) by game end.

hockeyfacepic22 Property: @Eddie_G2

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