By Andy Gray
March 24, 2014

You're Allowed Inside Now

@BTrog @BTrog

The weekend is over, the Sweet 16 is set and this Tennessee fan finally/hopefully will be let back in the house after the Vols beat Mercer last night.

Leftover March Madness Items

Mercer's dance machine, Kevin Canevari, may be out of the tournament, but Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg is ready to assume the throne ... A look at the cheer sheet Mercer distributed to its fans ... The Iowa State victory over North Carolina ended in bizarre and confusing circumstances ... Puddles, the Oregon Ducks mascot, lost an eye during the team's loss to Wisconsin ... Stanford upset Kansas but all anyone can talk about is the Cowbell Guy. Perhaps he was one of the Cardinal band members trying to sneak booze in a tuba ... San Diego State's Steve Fisher is all about sportsmanship ... Missouri poked fun at Kansas with this tweet ... Wichita State lost an epic game to Kentucky but Cleanothony Early will always have this highlight.

Chris Bosh Turns 30

Chris Bosh celebrated his 30th birthday with a Cirque du Noir-themed party at Marlins Park. Guests were served Chris Bosh branded burgers, Bones Thugs n Harmony performed and guests were given goodie bags that included a caramel apple, sunglasses and a special Bosh bow tie. So, basically, it was better than any event you or I have ever attended or will ever attend.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Esquire has a new photo shoot out with Cobie Smulders (a.k.a. - Robin Scherbatsky) as How I Met Your Mother comes to an end. The second-to-last episode airs tonight. 

A Tale of Two Dog Owners

The Good: Thunder forward Perry Jones posted a great Instagram of him playing with his dogs.

The Bad: Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett was ordered by a Florida judge to pay $8,268.80 to a boarding facility after abandoning his pet boxer there last year.

Sneakers of the Day

Blazers point guard (and aspiring rapper) Damien Lillard now owns a pair of Adidas sneakers decorated with his lyrics, thanks to a fan and sneaker creator.

From the SI Vault

Magic Johnson :: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI Magic Johnson :: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

On this day in 1979, Michigan State junior Magic Johnson recorded a triple-double (29 points, 10 rebs, 10 assists) in the Spartans' Final Four victory over Penn. The team would beat Indiana State two days later for the national championship. Will the 2014 Spartans have the same success? 

Odds and Ends

The New York Times looks at the logistics of travel for the 68 March Madness teams ... Predators forward Rich Clune showed off his black eye, courtesy of Blackhawks defenseman Sheldon Brookbank ... Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is joking (kinda) about bringing 46-year-old first base coach Omar Vizquel out of retirement ... U.S. basketball players discuss playing profesionally in Libya ... Raptors guard Greivis Vasquez has high praise for Kevin Durant ... Kyrie Irving has a prom date if he wants to go ... The 25 funniest boat names ... Eva Longoria is feuding with one of the Kardashians ... Singer Ted Nugent was paid $16,000 not to appear at an event ... All you need to know about the new season of 24 ... Sky Germany host Jessica Kastrop was drilled in the head by a soccer ball while on air ... Sign up for the Facebook Hot Clicks page.

Happy Birthday, Peyton

The Broncos QB turns 38 today. Here's his famous United Way spoof from Saturday Night Live.

[hulu id=_c1dhlnvcom1sidmwp7myg width=512]

An Important Hot Clicks Tribute

The Jets released Mark Sanchez over the weekend, so of course I'm linking to the Butt Fumble.

Goal Celebration of the Day

A team in Estonia goes bowling. (HT Deadspin)

NBA Dunks of the Week

Patrick Beverley wins this week's top honors.

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