By Andy Gray
April 11, 2014

Athletes and Their Mansions

As we mentioned in A.M. Clicks, Wayne Gretzky has put his mansion in Lake Sherwood, Calif., on the market for $10.5 million. Though his crib may be a bit larger than yours or mine, how does it stack up against that of Tom Brady (pictured above) and other athletes' homes? Check out these mansions to see for yourself.

Shot of the Day

Jason Day hit the shot of the Masters thus far when his approach to the second green on Friday ended up in the shopping bag of a spectator. Day was given a free drop and the spectator had a great story to tell.

Kliff Kingsbury Dance-Off

If you don't love the Texas Tech coach after this, you need to look in the mirror.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Josh from Brooklyn wrote in with a request for Jaslyn Ome, who I can't believe I had never heard of until today ... Get to know Kate Bock, who is a friend of Hot Clicks ... The gorgeous women of golf ... Congrats to Emily Chave on winning a dubious Bartender of the Year award ... Sara Sampaio has a new bikini shoot out for Calzedonia. 

Chicks Dig the Layup

T'Wolves guard J.J. Barea attempted a dunk against Dallas last month and the team's website made a great video about it.

Pokeman + NBA = These Logos

Thank you to "musclesmicah" for these works of art.

Is Penn State Coached by a Lion?

Odds and Ends

Bode Miller had his quesadilla confiscated by security while attending the Masters ... Game of Thrones fans will like this Staten Island Yankees ad ... A group of Johns Hopkins students are working on a computer algorithm to handle minor league baseball scheduling. It is currently done by hand ... Steven Tyler's daughter got an Ultimate Warrior tattoo following the pro wrestler's death ... has some harsh words about Kevin Costner's new football movie Draft Day ... London Fletcher took a funny Twitter jab at Tony Romo ... Arkansas State is auctioning off a chance to coach during the spring football game ... Billy Joel made a somewhat surprise appearance at an elementary school recital that featured his music ... Follow Hot Clicks on Facebook and me on Twitter. That is all. Have a good weekend.

Isiah Thomas Says Don't Smoke

From the "random gem I accidentally came across on YouTube" department, it's Isiah Thomas and Reggie Theus with a special message for the kids.

Jon Stewart vs. NCAA

The Daily Show host goes after the NCAA.

Best Day Ever

This is pretty much every dog's fantasy.

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